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"Plum Bodacious" Recipe Videos

My Recipes

Valcooks Paella

Valcooks Paella - My Specialty

Plum Bodacious Pizza

Plum Bodacious Pizza!  Quicker to make than delivery.

Spicy Sausage Tortellini

Spicy Sausage Tortellini

Shrimp & Collards Egg Rolls

Valcooks Shrimp & Collards Egg Rolls 

Chicken Soup

Valcooks Chicken Soup

Vanilla Bean Banana Pudding

Valcooks Vanilla Bean Banana Pudding

Fried Green Tomatoes

Valcooks Fried Green Tomatoes with Crabmeat

Chicken Hash

Valcooks Chicken Hash

Minestrone Soup

Valcooks Minestrone Soup

Valcooks Kitchen

About Me

Cooking is a family legacy - from my grandfather, Goosby who was a professional private chef to my parents who had me cooking in the kitchen from age 10.

Originally a "Southern Creole girl" from Florida to my current home in the Chicago suburbs, I enjoy sharing my "plum bodacious" cooking with family and friends.

My style of cooking is using organic ingredients and fresh herbs to provide healthy, tasty cuisines.


Welcome to VALCOOKS KITCHEN, my very own culinary passion project filled with unique and engaging recipes. Explore my site and all the "plum bodacious" recipes I enjoy preparing and sharing with family and friends; perhaps VALCOOKS KITCHEN will ignite your own gastronomic passions as well.


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